As specialists in designing solutions, S.V. Techsol offers its clients additional services in the area of contract manufacturing, design and engineering, CFD modeling and various testing services.

Design & Engineering

S.V. Techsol’s has over 20 years of experience designing solutions for the semiconductor, disc drive, pharmaceutical, food processing, and related industries. Our in-depth knowledge of environment factors, clean air standards, manufacturing design and assembly allows our engineers to work together with your team to solve your problems. S.V. Techsol, prides itself in offering various design capabilities to meet your design requirements and standards.

Differential Pressure Products

Integrated Air Systems offers precision measurement instruments for the detection of very low differential pressures and airflow speed in gaseous media. These instruments can be used for applications in clean rooms, laminar flow boxes and for filter monitoring.

CFD Modeling

CFD simulates the effects of fluid flow, heat transfer, and chemical reactions as they occur in your process. SV Techsol’s can provide various CFD modeling exercises to predict design performance in a wide variety of process applications such as Plasma processing, chemical vapor deposition, etching, and rapid thermal processing. CFD modeling can help decrease design time and expense, and can improve overall efficiency of designs.

Contract Manufacturing

S.V. Techsol specializes in manufacturing and assembly of various products and prototypes. Our experts are knowledgeable in the following areas below and can provide advanced contract manufacturing and problem solving solutions for our customers as required.


S.V. Techsol through their partner Integrated Air Systems offers testing services that will monitor the performance of your facility and or equipment so inefficiency can be addressed before contamination or other problems effect productivity. S.V. Techsol offers the following testing services listed below.