Company Overview

S.V. Techsol, Inc., founded in 1990, provides unique and well designed solutions optimized for the needs of our global customers in the semiconductor, disc drive, pharmaceutical, food processing, and related industries. As a leader in design and manufacturing, we are dedicated to helping our customers gain productivity and higher yields through custom applications.

As experts in designing smart engineered solutions for over 18 years S.V. Techsol’s products are used in fabrication facilities all over the world.

S.V. Techsol is a unique company that allows all products, along with our standard products, to be customized. Our products are designed with smart, cost effective engineered designs that meet industry and quality standards.

Our custom solutions for airflow management, vibration control, noise suppression, temperature control, humidity control, chemical filtration, pressure regulation, particle management, CFD modeling, and ESD control provide clean protection, high-performance handling, and efficient management of products throughout the manufacturing process.

In addition, S.V. Techsol offers contract manufacturing, Design and Engineering, CFD modeling, testing services, and differential pressure products designed to offer our customers additional services.

S.V. Techsol’s global service, customer response, and support capabilities assure maximum uptime and optimal performance for our customers. S.V. Techsol has the ability to offer quick design or modification to existing products and will provide rapid assembly and shipment.


S.V. Techsol’s assembly facility is backed by well trained and experienced employees with over 30 years of experience in the semiconductor, disc drive, pharmaceutical, food processing, and related industries. S.V. Techsol is located in Campbell, California (Silicon Valley) and has over 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space that uses the latest technologies in manufacturing. All products are built and tested on site to our high quality standards. All products are 100% quality inspected after assembly, tested in our class 10 clean room, and packaged appropriately to industry standards.